An unsatisfied customer

Dear Chance.

I'm VERY displeased with the delivery of torpedo's your 'professional agents' where supposed to bring me, so i here by request that you send more 'professional agents' to complete the order of ammunition's i so urgently require. To make sure this mishap does NOT happen again me and my own felt compelled to show our utter distaste of the poor service quality shown by your unprofessional agents.

Kill: Slevin Hekard (Hound) 
Kill: T0adwart (Nemesis)
Kill: T0adwart (Nemesis) 
Kill: XY1983 (Harbinger Navy Issue)
It is disheartening for me that things had to end up like this but hopefully this will speed up the delivery of Caldari Navy Mjolnir Torpeo's I ordered.

Luke Eskar
EFT Warrior