Better Late Than Never

From: Helnack
Sent: 2015.02.06 00:13
To: Chance Ravinne,  

Dear Chance Ravinne, 

I want to thank you for the delivery but was disappointed by the inability of my MTU to accept your delivery in a proper manner resulting in the destruction of the unit. In the process you have exposed a fatal flaw in the construction of the unit. 

I was in the system at the time and my alt did bug out when you arrived with the blinky blinky in my overview. 

In the meantime I have had the chance to acquaint myself with your educational videos you have posted and have enjoyed several hours of your delivery service. Please keep up the good work by providing this valuable service. 


Delivery Receipt
From: Chance Ravinne
Sent: 2015.01.19 06:20
To: Helnack,  

Dear Helnack,

Thank you so much for your order of Caldari Navy Inferno Torpedoes. We don't normally make deliveries to hisec, but since you put out a (Mobile Tractor Unit) for storage, I made an exception.

Unfortunately you chose to abandon the scene of the delivery before I could thank you in person, so I'll use this email as my opportunity. Thanks for choosing WINGSPAN and we hope you shop with us again!

Chance Ravinne