"Daddy's not coming home tonight, kids."

From: Saladiin
Sent: 2014.12.28 01:06
To: WDS Delivery Receipts, 

The unfortunate consequences of our delivery services :''(

Data site violation
From: Chuckel Silvertongue
Sent: 2014.12.27 11:57
To: Saladiin,  Wolfe Vickery,  

I, on the other hand, am just a common thief. This just happened to be my first relic site as I had only that day learned how to hack. However, I have a wife, 4 children and a mortgage to pay and I can only say that now the young said children will now have to go without food.

Yours hungrily, Chuckel.

Data Site violation, first warning(s)
From: Saladiin
Sent: 2014.12.27 00:23
To: Chuckel Silvertongue,  Wolfe Vickery,  

Ms. Silvertongue and Mr. Vickery,

As fate would have it, both of you, likely strangers, wandered into the same data site within minutes of each other. This site was under our monitoring systems. You both have violated one or more articles of  WiNGSPAN Delivery Services' Data and Relic Site Enforcement Division's policy of non-intrusion to these sites. Therefore,  Caldari Navy Scourge Torpedo were delivered to the following vessels:



Our program works to discourage capsuleers from raiding these historical sites in order to preserve them for future generations. Hopefully, both of you will explore other avenues of income besides pillaging from these heritage sites.

Very respectfully,

-Chief Enforcement Officer
 Data and Relic Site Enforcement Division (DRSED)