Double-Edged Envelope

Delivery confirmation
From: Pax Xan
Sent: 2015.02.22 05:27
To: Chance Ravinne,  Kayla Keey,  

To whom it may concern,

I was happy to receive the surprise delivery of hybrid charges and missiles, especially when so many of your specialists jumped in to ensure its proper delivery. Unfortunately though, I never received a packing slip or delivery confirmation letter.

In order to maintain my finances, and have the required records for tax deductions, I must have the delivery confirmation letter from your fine delivery specialist from whom I received these products.

The concerning delivery was Kill: Pax Xan (Tristan) 

I have heard of the outstanding customer service reputation of Wingspan Deliveries, I know your specialists take personal pride to ensure the proper and delicate fulfillment of all orders. I know they had a busy night based on the large amount of wreckage left behind by previous customers so I hold none at fault.

Thank you,
Pax Xan
Waste Management