In The Wild

[20:38:15] Alcide Snow  Banshee Legend o7
[20:38:22] Banshee Legend  Alcide Snow hi
[20:38:35] Banshee Legend > what's good?
[20:39:07] Alcide Snow > just hanging out, i'm not intrested in yours delivery services ;)
[20:39:21] Alcide Snow > pretty nice youtube movies btw
[20:40:22] Banshee Legend > those videos are made by our CEO, Chance Ravinne
[20:40:39] Banshee Legend > we are just humble delivery agents
[20:40:54] Alcide Snow > those videoswas the reason i come back to eve, so thx
[20:41:11] Banshee Legend  so anyway,  Alcide Snow do you want us to deliver to a friend? or do you want to join us?
[20:41:47] Alcide Snow > naah, i'm lone wolf type of player ;)
[20:41:55] Banshee Legend > that's what we mostly do
[20:42:03] Banshee Legend > find a wh, sit in it, kill people
[20:42:25] Alcide Snow > well, i will think about it
[20:42:43] Banshee Legend > if you need any info, hop on to
[20:42:59] Banshee Legend > or write me an evemail, i am the Assistant Recruitment Manager :)
[20:43:35] Alcide Snow > will do, and send my gratitude to your CEO
[20:44:11] Alcide Snow > fly safe
[20:44:50] Banshee Legend > already done!
[20:44:56] Banshee Legend > fly reckless o7