More Russian Bears

From: Banshee Legend
Sent: 2015.01.19 17:04
To: WDS Delivery Receipts, 

The first two words "идите нахуй" mean go sit on a dick (word by word) and the other part is and then let bears fuck you

FW: Re: Road side assistance.
From: Paddy McDaddy
Sent: 2015.01.19 16:16

something about fucking or being fucked by bears. Thats a complaintform on its way then. cant win em all..... :)

Re: Road side assistance.
From: Radha Devi
Sent: 2015.01.19 16:05
To: Paddy McDaddy,  

идите нахуй и пусть вас там ебут медведи

Road side assistance.
От: Paddy McDaddy
Отправлено: 2015.01.19 15:56
Кому: Radha Devi,  

Dear Radha Devi.

We here at WiNGSPAN Delivery Services pride ourselves in our faster than ordering torpedo delivery service, but we also do other, less known, services.

When we saw your Venture parked at a wormhole without moving, we made it our priority to make sure your vehicle was to get off grid. It is w-space, and therefore very dangerous space. We helped you get away fast. Your welcome.

We Decided to push your venture out of harms way with our special push torpedos, and it worked great as you can see here:
Push: Radha Devi (Venture) 
This service was delivered totaly free of charge.

Please call again if you are ever in need of our services.

With great pride.
Paddy McDaddy, delivery agent for 
WiNGSPAN Delivery Services 

We are not happy, untill you are content.