Sisters of EVE

Re: Torpedo Delivery Receipt
From: MD74
Sent: 2015.02.02 09:20
To: Docnagol,  

Hello Mr Docnagol,

Thank you for the swift delivery! 

You know that feeling when you order new toys, and wait for the delivery service to bring it to your doorstep? I was subconsiously awaiting my delivery outside the posshield, venturing towards my precious goodies. I hereby also apologize for the fact that your previous attempt was not succesful; i got called away and was not able to receive the delivery at that time.

Anyway, i hope the sisters core probe launcher is going to aid you well in fullfilling all your future deliveries!


Torpedo Delivery Receipt
From: Docnagol
Sent: 2015.02.02 08:34
To: MD74,  

Dear Mr, MD74,

This message is a receipt for your most recent order: Kill: MD74 (Anathema) 

We would like to thank you for your most recent order of Caldari Navy Scourge Torpedoes to the system of J154833. Your patronage to WiNGSPAN Delivery Services is greatly appreciated!

We understand that traveling through wormhole space can be a hostile and dangerous jouney and we hope that your newly aquired torpedoes will aid you in your trials.

If for some reason you find the product unsatisfactory you can apply for an exchange or refund up to 30 days from this point absolutely free of charge!

Fly safe!
Docnagol, Delivery Agent
WiNGSPAN Delivery Services