The Search For More Ducks

From: Mikhail Klashnikov
Sent: 2015.01.11 03:05
To: Saria Dehmov,  

Dear Saria Dehmov,

I appreciate the time it took you to inform me of your delicate situation. Alas, we have not seen any of what you describe, these so called "space ducks". Your master Chance Ravinne, has my utmost condolences on the loss of his prized pocession.

In our efforts to serve our glorious aims, our glorious forces came across your valued Myrm. It is unfortunate that this vessel was, as you claim, a delivery vessel, However the battle that came was glorious, and our purposes filled, even in our defeat.

I appreciate that you have taken the time to inspect my, and many of my Corpmates' cargo, consider it a gift, given in goodwill. The wine, is not improper, but excellent, and the tourists you may slaughter, for in the end, they matter little to us. As you continue your search, expect our glorious forces to provided assistance in your delivery services and searches in the future.

Yours in respect,

Mikhail Klashnikov,
Commander of the Brothers of Tyr,
Glorious Leader of the Ordo Mortis

From: Saria Dehmov
Sent: 2015.01.10 07:26
To: Mikhail Klashnikov,  


Mikhail Klashnikov 

In our ever ending quest to provide competent delivery services, we are sometimes tasked with a unique situation that we must endeavour to rectify.  Our beloved master Chance Ravinne [ALL HOLYNESS TO HIS NAME] has tasked us with finding one of his most prized possessions. 

His majestic space duck has gone missing. Without it our master will be lost and without comfort.

Why on earth you decided to shoot a glorious delivery vessel known as the Mrym we will never know. We inspected your cargo today as you can see below. 

This is the second vexor navy issue this week guys!!! Unfortunately your duck was of improper color and well…. breed. Too tall and not enough feathers. It was also covered in some kind of fluid which is well…  to say the least…  improper.

Kill: Mikhail Klashnikov (Hawk) 

Have you seen our real duck or know of anyone else who has? We will continue carefully combing the area until it has been found. Species identification information can be found below:

Saria Dehmov
WingSpan Delivery Services