Tina Didn't Make It

Re: Instant Surprise Party Receipt
From: Haidere
Sent: 2015.02.02 03:27
To: Narcisse Nightmare,  

No no no, I clearly remember scheduling the delivery for the after party, several hours from now! If you read my order request I said to not deliver until AFTER 6:00!

You can imagine my surprise when I was entertaining my exotic dancer and I see my delivery came early. Alas, it seems that Tina did not make it and suffered a terrible dance pole accident when the fireworks detonated the meth lab.

Next time double check your client's order!

Instant Surprise Party Receipt
From: Narcisse Nightmare
Sent: 2015.02.02 03:22
To: Haidere,  

Dear Haidere,

Thank you for didn't ordering an instant drone and torpedoes surprise party!
It's always a pleasure to see the surprise in customer's eyes when the show begins, and this really make us proud of our work!

Here is the receipt for your delivery :
Kill: Haidere (Loki) 

We hope we enjoyed the show and look forward seeing you again and delivering any ammunitions, light shows or drones party you might need.

Thank you again for choosing WiNGSPAN Delivery Services to deliver you the finest torpedoes and drones of New Eden.

Narcisse Nightmare
Delivery Agent
WiNGSPAN Delivery Services
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