Totally Satisfied

Re: Delivery receipt
From: Javor
Sent: 2015.04.25 23:42
To: Cap'n Rick Clusterbomb,  

Dear Cap'n Rick Clusterbomb,

In fact I am totally satisfied with our transaction, specifically for the company that drones have offered me in this sad and empty wormhole.
You can also congratulate your entire team for this great job.

Javor, happy and fulfilled customer.
Delivery receipt
From: Cap'n Rick Clusterbomb
Sent: 2015.04.25 23:31
To: Javor,  

Dear Javor, 

Congratulations! You are receiving this notification to confirm successful fulfillment of the following WINGSPAN services:
[X] Torpedo Delivery
[X] Drone Party Bots
[ ] Roadside Assistance
[ ] POS Hauling/Storage
[ ] Waste Management

Please find below a copy of your transaction: 

Delivery: Javor (Astero) 

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to discrete shipping solutions. So on behalf of WINGSPAN Delivery Services, I would like to thank you for choosing our corporation for your ammunition fulfillment needs. 

If you have any questions or feedback regarding our services, please visit our website at

Cap'n Rick Clusterbomb 
Delivery Agent
"We're not happy until you're content!"