Why Spin Ships When You Can Watch YouTube?

[02:48:54] Tavuuk > Awesome, figured that without a mining party in here waiting for a torp delivery, I may as well see if someone wants to buy it :)
[02:49:04] Himnos Altar > wait
[02:49:08] Himnos Altar > are you that youtube guy?
[02:49:27] Tavuuk > Part of Wingspan, yes -- Chance is our CEO.
[02:49:41] Himnos Altar > nice. didn't realize it was a corp channel
[02:49:53] Himnos Altar > caught a few videos last week
[02:49:59] Himnos Altar > Talos and something else IIRC
[02:50:33] Tavuuk > He's been busy with some new ones, though I don't know if they're out publicly yet, but certainly in-corp we've seen 'em.
[02:50:52] Tavuuk > There's a tripwire vid that had a few tricks I didn't know about.
[02:50:57] Himnos Altar > well tell him good job. good production quality
[02:51:15] Tavuuk > Shall do!
[02:51:23] Himnos Altar > I enjoyed watching it