You Have Made My Day

Re: Party Drone Delivery
From: Malorian Coehorn
Sent: 2015.04.25 13:50
To: KageAkurei,  

Ok, i wasn't happy(which is understandable when you lose 0,8B) but now you have made my day :D 

Party Drone Delivery
From: KageAkurei
Sent: 2015.04.25 13:47
To: Jion D Vance,  Malorian Coehorn,  

Dear Malorian Coehorn & Jion D Vance,

We at Wingspan Delivery Service are committed to delivering many services to our customers. But seeing as you were doing combat sites all alone our delivery agents just knew you would love a big batch of party drones to surprise you!

And the best thing is that its free of charge even the clean up after the party!

We hope you enjoyed this delivery and look forwared to delivering you many other services in the future.

Delivery Reciept: 
Kill: Malorian Coehorn (Legion) 
Kill: Jion D Vance (Gila) 
Kill: Malorian Coehorn (Mobile Tractor Unit) 

At WiNGSPAN, we are not happy until you are content.  Customer service is our penultimate goal and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  We understand that you have many choices when it comes to ordinance delivery services in New Eden, and we thank you for choosing WiINGSPAN Delivery Services!

KageAkurei, and other agents involved
WiNGSPAN Delivery Services Delivery Agent