Every day, thousands of capsuleers are murdered in cold blood. Ruthless pirates and pilots of ill repute prey on the weak, robbing them of property, security, and dignity. 

Too often, CONCORD stands silent. Corporations scatter and dock up in fear. Even major alliances fail their most vulnerable members. To whom can New Eden’s victims turn?

Enter Chance Ravinne, multi-billionaire and humanitarian. Working closely with manufacturers at the Caldari Navy, he secured the mass subsidization of weapons-grade torpedoes.  His vision? To distribute free munitions to New Eden’s most vulnerable pilots, empowering them to rise up against those who cower behind the safety of a cloaking device.

And so, WINGSPAN Delivery Services was born. Staffed by New Eden’s most daring fulfillment specialists, the corporation quickly realized its founder’s goals of rapid torpedo proliferation. Now the hulls of countless explorers, miners, haulers, and mission-runners are brimming with our signature explosives.

Pilots of EVE, the age of fear is over. For wherever you fly, WINGSPAN flies with you!

Chance Ravinne,  founder and CEO of WINGSPAN Delivery Services