Epic new "This is EVE" trailer features corp CEO

When CCP reached out to me about using my comms for a "project" I didn't really know what to expect. But part of what's driven my videos is my belief that real player experiences are the most compelling aspect of EVE. So I said sure.

I'm sure I'm not alone in saying the end result is astounding. Bravo, chaps.

WDS Salutes Naughty Ninjette On His Retirement From Service

It is with equal parts sadness and gratitude that I accept the resignation of Naughty Ninjette, not just from our corporation but from capsuleer life. 

If you've been following our video logs, you know NN has been instrumental to some of the most memorable operations - successful and otherwise - in our organization's history.

Please find below Naughty's formal exit letter, and please join me in wishing him the best in whatever endeavors follow.

Hola Fellow Pilots,

As of tonight i am quitting Eve. There are various reasons why. Some have to do with CCP and others personal life. It has been great flying with you guys. This is the only corp I have seen in Eve that has decent people in it. Thanks to Chance and you guys my last bit of itme in eve has been really enjoyable. Good luck in the future as you deliver to many needy customers over new eden. Keep your torpedo bays shiny and your ship computers unscrambled. 07

— Naughty

Wow... is Rhea somehow better than Phoebe?!

The top-level Rhea feature notes are in for EVE Online's December update and boy do they look appealing.

  • 101 new wormhole systems
  • No more clone grades and upgrades
  • T3 destroyers and tugboats
  • New UI graphics and flat-design icons
  • Manual ship keyboard control (!)
  • Improved atmosphere for asteroid belts
  • New clothes, accessories, and ship skins