Protecting Our Past to Ensure Our Future

By Delivery Agent Saladiin

In recent months, Eve capsuleers exploring data and relic sites have noticed significant buffs to the exploration career field. From the removal of “loot spew” to improved loot tables in wormhole space, explorers are finding enjoyment and profit in the field.

Unfortunately, what these explorers fail to realize is the devastating and permanent damage they are doing to New Eden’s cultural heritage. These sites contain not only technology from various pirate factions and empires, but also the memories and remnants of groups and societies long past. Without someone to preserve these sites, our history will soon be reduced to groups of empty cans floating in the cold depths of space.

Fortunately, Wingspan Delivery Services has taken notice of this disaster and has stepped into action. With their new “Data and Relic Site Enforcement Division” initiative, volunteer delivery agents probe out these sites and enforce a firm but fair “no-hack” policy.

“We need to keep grave-robbers and cold-hearted scavengers from these sites,” says Saladiin, a volunteer of the division. “These thieves slink in and out of these sites in their CovOps ships and recklessly take anything and everything that’s not bolted down. If there was a kitchen sink floating in the site, they’d probably take that too!”

When asked how he responds to intruders, Saladiin said this: “We try to be friendly but at the same time we need to be firm and make these people understand that what they are doing is wrong. You can’t just waltz in and take whatever you want from these sites. These are relics and graveyards; you can’t disrespect the dead like that. So we typically provide them with a free delivery of torpedoes to ‘encourage’ them to find a new career field. WDS even offers career counseling services to pilots willing to explore new career options, especially mining.” When asked if anyone has taken him up on his offer, Saladiin sullenly responded no.

As for the dangers these brave pilots face, “I’ve lost count  as to how many times I’ve attempted contact with an Astero only to come face-to-face with a flight of Warrior IIs. Sadly,  their reaction is typically ‘shoot first, ask questions later’. Other times we see T3 ships and Stratioses invade a site. That’s tough for me, being forced to sit back and watch these sites desecrated. Our stealth bombers are quite capable in the right hands, but attempting to deliver a warning notice to a Tengu is virtually a death sentence.”

What about his thoughts on the long-term success of the program? “Our corp is definitely growing fast, but we have a galaxy of thousands of star systems to patrol. We do our best but we can’t guard against these thieves everywhere. My fear is that, within a generation or two, New Eden will have no relic or data sites left, and that will be the greatest tragedy of all, because at that point, we lose a bit of our memory..a bit of our soul.”

Wingspan Delivery Services is reportedly expanding their data and relic initiative as fast as they can. However, unless capsuleers throughout New Eden change their views on these sites CONCORD decides to intervene directly, not much hope remains with the initiative. "As long as there are manticores on the market, I’ll keep patrolling these sites. But WDS can’t do this by itself. It’s a race against the clock to save these sites, and we are being beaten...badly."