WINGSPAN Delivery Services is looking for adventurous pilots to explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy in search of new customers.
We need capsuleers with a passion for creating content and the patience to see even difficult deliveries through to their completion.

WINGSPAN application process

Before applying to WINGSPAN Delivery Services, confirm that you meet the recruitment standards outlined below.
All applicants must meet all the Universal Pilot Requirements plus at least one ship-specific requirement set.

Once your training is complete, apply to WINGSPAN Delivery Services using our online application form.
A corporate recruiter will be in contact with you as soon as possible to arrange a brief interview.

Have questions? Join our official public channel "WING-DS" to speak to a WINGSPAN representative.


requirements for all applicants

Cloaking IV
Astrometrics IV
Astrometric Acquisition III
Astrometric Pinpointing III
Astrometric Rangefinding III

Customer Service V
Basic wormhole knowledge
Strong communication skills
Previous delivery experience
Independent source of income


Ship-specific requirements (choose one)

Stealth Bomber pilots

Covert Ops IV
Torpedoes IV
Weapon Upgrades IV
Missile Bombardment IV
Guided Missile Precision IV

Astero pilots

Mechanics V
Hull Upgrades V
Repair Systems IV
Drone Interfacing IV
Propulsion Jamming IV

Stratios pilots

Mechanics V
Amarr Cruiser IV
Gallente Cruiser IV
Drone Interfacing IV
Cap. Emission Systems IV


Force Recon pilots

Recon Ships IV
Propulsion Jamming IV

Strategic Cruiser pilots

Racial Strategic Cruiser IV
All Racial Subsystems IV

Black Ops pilots

Black Ops IV
Jump Drive Calibration IV


No permanent blues, no politics.
No drama, no catfights, no exceptions.
Open to pilots of all backgrounds.

No mandatory CTAs or fleet ops.
RP is highly encouraged.
Bitter vets need not apply.