Wormhole Location Terms of Service


service Pricing

The standard cost for wormhole location services is 330 million ISK for C1–C3 class systems and 490 million ISK for C4–C6 class systems. For pricing on custom or bulk orders, please speak to a WINGSPAN representative. All payments must be made up front.

Customers are encouraged to tip their location agents for exceptional service.

location process

After your initial payment is made to a WINGSPAN wormhole broker, your order will be entered into our search system and made available to delivery agents via our corporate software tools.

When a delivery agent locates your target wormhole system, WINGSPAN will notify you that your system has been found. Our locating agent will maintain a presence within that system for up to 48 hours and keep an up-to-date record of k-space entrances. If you are infiltrating the target system, please be available with a scan-ready vessel to ensure you can secure an entrance for yourself/your organization.

If you are not ready to pick up your order upon successful location, WINGSPAN can place a longer-term alpha scout in that system at the cost of 50 million ISK per day.

48 hours after wormhole system location (or at the termination of long-term reservation), our agent will vacate the target system and mark your order as complete. At this time, you will be solely responsible for your own safety, as well as your ability to find and secure future system entrances/exits. We strongly recommend that you collapse all wormhole connections as soon as your agent has vacated the system.

REFUND policy

While some wormhole location services have been completed in less than one day, the majority are completed in about one week. Please note that, due to the random nature of unstable wormhole connections, some orders may take longer.

You may cancel your order at any time prior to the location of your target wormhole system. If you choose to do so, you will receive a refund of all initial funds minus an agent search fee of 40 million ISK per system location request.

Once your target system is located, you will be notified by the locating agent. Orders cannot be canceled or refunded after this notification has taken place.

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