Frequently Asked Questions


Hey... I didn't order any torpedoes!
And with WINGSPAN Delivery Services, you'll never have to. We provide a free, unlimited torpedo subscription to every pilot in New Eden.

I'd like to cancel my torpedo subscription.
While we don't understand why anyone would want to stop receiving free, military-grade torpedoes, temporary subscription suspension may be possible. Please contact CEO Chance Ravinne for more information.

What is your company's return policy?
Our return policy is simple: if you can find an uncloaked WINGSPAN delivery agent, you are welcome to return any and all ammunition to him or her for a free exchange. 

I'd like to place an order for a friend.
Nothing says camaraderie like the gift of high-yield explosives! Please provide your friend's exact address, most common ship type, and any safe routes in and out of the neighborhood. Also note that depending on the location, a security fee may apply.

Can my fleet join a public roam?
Due to the sensitive nature of our operations and a reliance on shared bookmarks, "public" fleets rarely work to our benefit. Speak to a corp representative if you'd like to organize something more intimate.


What are the requirements to join the corp?
Please see our careers page for more information.

I haven't trained the required skills; can I still join?
No — patience is one of the most important attributes of a successful delivery agent. That said, kudos for correctly using a semicolon.

Where is your base of operations?
We go wherever our customers need us. As such, WINGSPAN Delivery Services does not maintain any permanent residence, including Upwell structures and empire-operated stations.

I have friends in another corporation. If I join, can you exempt them from torpedo deliveries?
WINGSPAN has a strict "no permanent blues" policy because we believe every capsuleer deserves free torpedoes. As such, we cannot exempt specific entities from our services without proper cancellation reimbursement.

I love your corporation... how can I help?
There are lots of ways you can contribute! Feel free to share our videos, updates, or other content on social media or with your friends. And of course we always accept donations. Thanks!


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