over 300 OPS completed

WINGSPAN has helped hundreds of pilots find their way through wormhole space

found in less
than 10 days

average 7 to 9 days for successful locations, delivering fast results for our clients

1/3 found IN UNDER 3 DAYS

there simply is no better way to accelerate your w-space search than WINGSPAN

“Wingspan got my wormhole in less then 24 hours, got me out with no issues at all. Would recommend with no hesitation!”
— Commander Blackie


  1. Join EVE channel "WDS Locators" to determine initial search costs with a WDS representative.
  2. If your system is found, a WINGSPAN agent will hold the location and message you immediately.
  3. Respond to your agent's message, and you'll receive directions to your target system!

No other corporation offers this unique service. Join "WDS Locators" to start your search today!

Common Questions

How exactly does WINGSPAN find these wormhole systems?
Every Delivery Agent is required to train advanced Astrometrics skills, which are routinely used to scout wormhole space for our various customers. Now that WINGSPAN has hundreds of navigation experts, we traverse the entirety of w-space on an extremely frequent basis!

How long will wormhole location services take?
Wormhole spawns are ultimately up to random chance and the will of Bob. But thanks to our advanced scanning capabilities, the average operation is completed in under 1 week... with most locations found in under 3 days!

Will WINGSPAN agents include ammunition delivery with my order?
No; wormhole location is an informational service, and ammunition delivery will not be included as part of this purchase. Please note that long-term cancellation of WINGSPAN delivery services must be negotiated separately.

What happens if my target system isn't found quickly enough for my needs?

Ultimately, WINGSPAN cannot guarantee results on any specific timeline. Unless your order is cancelled, we will continue our search until your system is found. Please note that your initial search payment is non-refundable.

Can WINGSPAN help me find a broader type of w-space system?
Absolutely! Simply contact us with your specifications and our operations department can look for things like "an uninhabited C3 Black Hole" or "a C2 with a hisec static and a C3 static" or "a shattered, frigate-only wormhole system."

How can WINGSPAN guarantee my operational security?
Your identity will never be shared outside of our executive staff and the agent who locates your target system.